Prepared for university and life in Germany

The Pre-College class of 2020/2021

Participants in this year’s Pre-College Fulda programme from India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria and Senegal.Photo:Pitz/Fulda University

The Pre-College class of 2020/2021 celebrated the completion of their course at Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

The six graduates of the 2020/2021 Pre-College programme have completed ten intensive and enriching months. Fulda University’s preparatory programme is attended each year by prospective students from abroad who want to study or complete vocational training in Germany but do not yet fulfil all language or subject-related requirements.

“The biggest challenge for me was the fact that lessons were online. Spending an entire year studying only on my computer, and not in my mother tongue, was really tough," said a participant from Senegal.

The group’s first meeting on campus
Even though not all exam results had been announced, there was still cause for celebration. Due to the Covid pandemic, classes took place virtually for two semesters. A few weeks before the end of the programme, the last participants received their visa for Germany, arriving in Fulda just in time for the examination. This meant that in August, the group was finally able to meet the International Office team on campus for the first time.

One participant from India described her experiences with the Pre-College programme: “My language skills really improved and I’ve made friends in Fulda even though I only arrived in Germany two weeks ago. I am really grateful to Pre-College for this. It’s sad the programme has come to an end but I’m looking forward to studying in Fulda.“

The celebration was opened by Julia-Sophie Rothmann (Head of International Office) and Susan Höntzsch (Project Coordinator) together with the entire Pre-College team. After certificates of attendance were formally presented to participants on the University campus, the group was taken on a guided tour of the old part of the city.

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