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It's exciting, but not easy to start your studies in a different country! In order to make your transition to student life easier, we recommend that new international students take part in our Buddy Programme, run by the International Office. Our aim is to help you adjust to your new life in Fulda by bringing you together with an experienced student as your buddy. You can even contact her or him before you arrive in Fulda and ask questions.

For students who participate as our experienced buddies this is an opportunity to support your international buddy in their first steps and introduce them to student life. Maybe you have already studied abroad yourself and know how important it is to make contacts from the start. However, even if you didn’t get the chance or may not planning to study abroad, you can learn from your buddy about their culture, broaden your horizon and enlarge your circle of friends.

When matching buddies with each other, we make an effort to find students with similar interests and study programmes in order to facilitate the support the experienced students are providing to their new international buddies during the transition and settling in to every day and student life. It’s a great opportunity for both sides to meet new people, make new friends, practice their language skills and above all – to have a lot of fun!

We look forward to receiving your registration and hope that your time at Fulda University will be rewarding and successful!

What can I expect from my buddy?

Your buddy is there to help you, to answer your questions and to help you deal with any problems that may arise during your first weeks and months at the University. He or she will be there for you during the whole first semester. He or she will be your gateway to the information you need and you will have an opportunity to learn about German culture and to make friends with Germans. 

Many of our experienced buddies have already lived and/or studied abroad and know what it feels like at the beginning of university life. They also understand the typical kinds of difficulties that may occur. Some buddies come from other countries themselves and have first-hand experience of making the transition to life in another country. 

Who can join the programme?

You are invited to register for the programme if you are preparatory programme participant, first-semester student, exchange student or refugee who

  • comes from a country other than Germany
  • has not previously studied at Fulda University
  • has already been admitted to study at Fulda University in the new semester

Is any cost involved?

Your buddy is a volunteer and is not paid for what he or she does. You will not be charged for the service. There may, however, be a small fee for activities offered directly by the International Office. 

Will there be a chance to meet other students and their buddies?

During the semester the International Office will normally arrange some meetings and activities for members of the Buddy Programme. These occasions are a great way of meeting other programme participants. We look forward to seeing you there!

What do I need to bear in mind?

Your buddy is a volunteer who is interested in meeting people from different countries and sharing his or her culture. In return, you should show a real interest in your buddy's way of life and be appreciative of what he or she is doing for you. Be open. Ask questions. Share information about your culture.

Your buddy is not a service assistant or a substitute teacher. You might both enjoy practicing your language skills with each other but you should not expect your buddy to teach you German or write your term paper. 

How can I join the Buddy Programme?

To join the Buddy Progrmme, please complete the online registration below. If you have troubles doing so, you can also fill in the pdf.- registration form and send it to buddyprogramm(at) as early as possible.

I have some more questions. Who can help?

If you have any further questions about the Buddy Programme, please do not hesitate to contact Gesa Pusch-Thomas, the Integration Officer or Mohammad Muneer Soude, thw coordinator of "Pre-Study for Refugees" in the International Office.

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