Careers Service

Welcome to the Careers Service for International Students

The Careers Services is dedicated to help all international students and alumni of the University of Fulda to develop a successful job search strategy and to reach their career goals. 

What can you expect?

The Careers Service provides:

Career counseling

An individual Career counseling will help you

  • to identify your career vision
  • to develop professional skills
  • build your résumé and your cover letter
  • find an internship or  a job in Germany

Workshops and skills trainings

  • Job interview training
  • Intercultural communication
  • Project and time management
  • Microsoft Office trainings
  • Career assessment
  • German language courses
  • Presentation and rhetoric

Coaching and Networking

A Mentoring Programme will help you to learn more about the field of jobs you would like to enter. Who could truly understand your situation more than a former international student of your department, who has found a job in Germany? As your mentor, he/she will tell you about his/her own experience, give you career advices and answer your questions.

Internships and job search

Internships are an ideal way to gain professional experience and meet a future employer. Fulda University maintains close contacts with companies from the region and in Germany and helps you to search for a suitable placement. The Career service will help you to find an internship. The career service will also organize a visit of the career faire, which is organized by Fulda University and enterprises from the Fulda region on a yearly basis.

Intern and extern partners

The departments of the university, the immigration office and the employment office of the city of Fulda are our partners.