Costs and funding

Tuition fees

There's no getting around it - money is an important issue for students these days. The first piece of good news for students at Fulda University is that there are usually no tuition fees at universities in Germany! Thanks to generous subsidies and support from the state, students from Germany and international students alike have access to higher education at a very low cost.

There is, however, a semester contribution of approx. €300. This fee helps to cover the cost of

  • student services
  • general student committee and
  • pays for your Semester Ticket, which entitles you to free public transport in Fulda and the federal state of Hesse.

Cost of living

To cover the cost of living while you are studying in Fulda, you should expect to need €700 - 800 a month. This amount includes accommodation, food, health insurance and transport costs. Of course, your expenses will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and standard of living.

Please bear in mind that you will have to cover some extra costs in the first month of your arrival, including deposits and registration fees (approx €500 extra).

Sources of funding

This section gives you more information aboutscholarships and working as a student during your time at Fulda University.