Costs and funding

Tuition fees

There's no getting around it - money is an important issue for students these days. The first piece of good news for students at Fulda University is that there are no tuition fees at universities in Germany! Thanks to generous subsidies and support from the state, students from Germany and international students alike have access to higher education at a very low cost.

There is, however, a semester fee of c.a €300. This fee goes toward student services and student government, and pays for your "Semester Ticket" for free public transport in and around Fulda.

Cost of living

To cover the cost of living during your studies in Fulda, you schould calculate needing €650 - 800 per month. This amount includes accomodation, food, health insurance and mobility. Of course, ultimately your cost of living depends on your personal preferences and standard of living.

Please take into consideration that you will have to cover some extra costs in the month of your arrival, including deposits and registration fees (approx. €500 extra).

Health insurance80


Cost of living in Fulda

Food Items
Bread (500 g)2,00
Milk 1l0,90
Cheese (200 g)2,00
Cereal (box)2,00
Yoghurt (150 g)0,40
Apple (1kg)2,00
Tomato (1kg)2,50
Water 1l0,80
Soft drink (supermarket)0,80
Softdrink (bar)2,00
Beer 0,5l (supermarket)2,00
Beer 0,4l (bar)3,00
Wine 0,75l (supermarket)3,00
Wine 0,2l (bar)3,30
Movie ticket 8,50
Mobile phone (per month)20,00


Sources of funding

This section provides you with more information on scholarships and working as a student during your time at Fulda University.