ECTS Course catalogue


Applied Computer Science

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Bachelor's Programmes

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (dual)
  • Engineering and Management
  • Engineering and Management (dual)
  • Mechatronics
  • Mechatronics (dual)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy (dual)

Master's Programmes

  • Embedded Systems
  • Production Automation

Food Technology

Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences

Health Sciences

Social and Cultural Sciences

Social Work

Bachelor's Programmes

International Course

Master's Programmes

  • Social Work focusing on Community Psychiatry (MAPS) (part-time)
  • Social Work focusing on Community Development (MAPS) (blednded learning)
  • Psychosocial Counselling and Therapy


German and English Language Courses

LanguageDegree programmeCourse titleCredit Points
EnglishallBusiness English, B2.1, Blended Learing (Business IT)5,0
EnglishIIWEnglish for Engineers, B2/C1 (International Engineering) 5,0
EnglishallEnglisch with Speexx A1-C1, online self-study courses (8 different courses from level A1 - C1.2)2,5
EnglishallEnglish A2, Blended Learning 5,0
EnglishallEnglish B1.1, Blended Learning5,0
EnglishallEnglish B1.2, Blended Learning5,0
EnglishallEnglish B2.1, Blended Learning 5,0
EnglishallEnglish B2.2, Blended Learning 5,0
EnglishallEnglish C1.1, Blended Learning 5,0
EnglishallEnglish for Business (B2/C1)2,5
EnglishLT/OE/PGEnglish for Food Science (B2/C1)2,5
EnglishIHSEnglish for Global Health, C1.1 (International Health Sciences)10,0
EnglishICEUSEnglish for Intercultural Communication and European Studies I (C1)2,5
EnglishBASIBEnglish for Intercultural Relations (B2/C1)2,5
EnglishBASIBEnglish for Intercultural Relations I, B1/B22,5
EnglishallEnglish Grammar Review (B1/B2)2,5
EnglishallEnglish, semi-intensive (B2)10,0
EnglishallSpeaking English (B2)2,5
GermanIMBGerman 1 for IBM (A1.2)5
GermanIMBGerman 2 for IBM (A2.2)5
GermanallDeutsch A1, Teil 1 für Internationale Studierende7,5
GermanallDeutsch A2, Teil 2 für Internationale Studierende7,5
GermanallDeutsch B1, Teil 1 für Internationale Studierende10
GermanallDeutsch B2, Teil 1 für Internationale Studierende10
GermanIHSDeutsch B2.1, Interkulturelle Kommunikation für IHS (1. Sem.)10
GermanIIWDeutsch B2.1, Interkulturelle Kommunikation für IIW (1. Sem.)10
GermanIHSDeutsch C1.1, Fachtexte lesen, verstehen und diskutieren für IHS 10
GermanICEUSDeutsch für ICEUS I (C1)2,5
GermanallDeutsch im Studium I (C1)2,5
GermanallDeutsche Grammatik für die DSH (C1/C2)5