Courses taught in English

Although advanced knowledge of German will open up a broad range of classes to you during your stay in Fulda, we also offer a number of modules that are taught in English. Below is a list of modules that are taught in English, offered by each of our departments. Minor changes might occur. Bachelor students are, as a general rule, allowed to take master's-level modules.

In the following list of modules offered by each department in English, "hours per week" refers to contact hours only and does not include individual work outside of class. "Credits" are based on ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), where one credit is the equivalent of 30 hours of total workload – that is, contact hours and individual work. Modules marked "WiSe" take place in the winter semester; modules marked "SuSe" , in the summer semester.  

Department of Applied Computer Science

Department of Business Administration

Modules of the Bachelor's Programme

“International Business Administration“

Modules of the Master's Programme “International Management“

Modules of the Master's Programme “Supply Chain Management“

Modules of the Master's Programme “Accounting, Finance, Controlling“

(Minor changes might occur. Bachelor students are allowed to take courses at Master level and vice versa.)

Department of Electical Engineering and Information Technology

Department of Food Technology

Department of Nursing and Health Sciences

Department of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Science

International Food Business and Consumer Studies Master's Programme

The programme is offered as a joint degree of two universities. Some of the courses are offered at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, others – indicated with an asterix – are taught at our partner institution, the University of Kassel, Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences at Campus Witzenhausen. Please note some of the courses are restricted in places. Please contact the programme coordinator in advance in regard of availability.

Department of Social and Cultural Studies

Department of Social Work