Grades & Transcripts


Upon successful completion of the courses, you will be awarded the following ECTS points (credits) by the University of Applied Sciences Fulda:

For the modules:  6.0  ECTS-points
For the language course: 3.0 ECTS-points

You can attend one module as well as the German language course.
During the International Summer University you can earn 6 ECTS credits for the academic modules as well as 3 credits for the German language course.

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
The European Credit Transfer System ECTS is a system for recognition of academic performance. The aim is to substitute part of the studies at the home university by studies abroad, whereby the home university recognises study and examination performance achieved at the host university. The points reflect the relevant scope of work done. ECTS points will only be granted on successful completion of courses, i.e. on passing all prescribed examinations.

The system of grades serves to document the quality (i.e. marks attained). The grade reflects the student's performance. The system of grades used at the ISU, is generally equal to the scale of ECTS grades.

Grading Scale 
The current grading scale can be found here


The quality of achievements is recorded in the "transcript of records" issued to every student (not to the home university!) by the host university. Upon returning to the home university the student's achievements can be credited to his or her records with the help of the credit point system.
This method, which facilitates measuring and comparing academic performance and also transferring it from one university to another, makes academic recognition possible.

If your home university requires the transcript to be handed in sealed, please let us know in time!

Academic Director

Prof. Dr.

Thomas Schittny

Elektrotechnische und Elektromechanische Konstruktionen; Mikrosystemtechnik

Building 30 , Room 222
Prof. Dr.Thomas Schittny+49 661 9640-555
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Alumni Voices

“While I certainly learned much about Germany and my classmates, professors, tutors, and sponsors during my stay, I must say I learned more about myself than I thought I would. This month was a crash course me figuring out the sorts of activities I liked, the sorts of people and personalities I liked being around, and the sort of community I wanted to be a part of. It was uplifting being around so many sweet people of different cultures and experiences."
(Kyle Stevens, USA, ISU 2019)

“It is not only beautiful to walk around German cities and see the mixture of old architecture with modern, but it is a reminder of how much history has served to develop these traditions and values. It is incredible visiting cities and monuments I have only learned of in class (…) and it is a reminder of why German is worth learning and exploring further.”
(Halina Maas, USA, ISU 2019)