The German consular office in your home country will inform you whether or not you need a visa in order to participate in the ISU. You can find contact information for the consular office on the website of the German Foreign Office: . In case you do need a visa, your visa application will require a “Letter of Invitation” by Fulda University of Applied Sciences. We will send you a “Letter of Invitation” as soon as you have registered and paid the registration deposit.

Please note: Visa processing takes six weeks on average. If you apply for your visa too late, you might not be able to attend the ISU Fulda.


Health Insurance
Comprehensive insurance covering illness, accidents and personal liability is included in the programme fee.

Luggage Insurance
We recommend that you insure your luggage before traveling to Germany.

Bicycle rental

Explore Fulda and the surrounding areas like a real German student - on two wheels! A bicyle and a helmet are included in the program costs.
Cycling is faster than walking, a good workout, and it keeps you independent of bus schedules. Fulda’s streets are quite safe for bicyclists, and bike lanes are common.

A deposit of 50€ is required. The rental includes a lock and a helmet.

We also offer a short training and instruction on safety and traffic rules. You must wear a helmet riding the bike at all times. The number of bicycles is limited.

Academic Director

Prof. Dr.

Uwe Hunger

Building 22 , Room 118
Prof. Dr.Uwe Hunger+49 661 9640-455 (Sekreteriat)

Alumni Voices

“While I certainly learned much about Germany and my classmates, professors, tutors, and sponsors during my stay, I must say I learned more about myself than I thought I would. This month was a crash course me figuring out the sorts of activities I liked, the sorts of people and personalities I liked being around, and the sort of community I wanted to be a part of. It was uplifting being around so many sweet people of different cultures and experiences."
(Kyle Stevens, USA, ISU 2019)

“It is not only beautiful to walk around German cities and see the mixture of old architecture with modern, but it is a reminder of how much history has served to develop these traditions and values. It is incredible visiting cities and monuments I have only learned of in class (…) and it is a reminder of why German is worth learning and exploring further.”
(Halina Maas, USA, ISU 2019)