Tentative Programme

German Culture & Society"German History, Culture, Literature in an Intercultural Context"
Business"Business Simulation"
Health"Stress Management"

You can set your priority either for the module "German Culture & Society", the module "Business" or the module "Health". The courses  take place at the same time!  You have to choose one course.

Each module is automatically complemented by the course "Intercultural Competence" as well as the German Language Course.

German History, Culture, Literature in an Intercultural Context

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Business Simulation

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Stress Management

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A second part of the programme are the German language courses. They are offered on different levels.

German Language Courses

Learn German! German is a fascinating language and enables you to talk to people in Germany and Austria as well as in parts of Switzerland, Italy, France and Belgium. There are also many people in Eastern Europe who are speaking German as a foreign language.

German language courses accompany the seminar programme. ISU Fulda offers German language courses on five levels according to the Common European Frame of Reference (CEFR):

Basic Level 1 (A1 CEFR)Beginners with no knowledge of German
Basic Level 2 (A2 CEFR)Students with little knowledge of German
 Intermediate Level 1 (B1 CEFR)Students with a basic knowledge of German
 Intermediate Level 2 (B2 CEFR)Students with a good basic knowledge of German
 Advanced Level (C1 CEFR)Students who can speak and write German fluently

The programme fee covers one language course at your level including all course materials.

In order to allocate you to the right course, there will be an assessment test at the beginning of our programme which all participants should take. This will help us to find the right level for you. You can be certain that you will be placed in a course which is neither too difficult nor too easy for you.

The duration of the language course is four weeks (42 contact hours). You will be taught by highly qualified instructors of German as a foreign language who will pay special attention to your personal learning needs and interests.
We reserve the right to adjust German course levels according to the numbers and skills of participants.

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