Alumni voices

Liliia Khasanova – ISU 2013: „I think Fulda is a perfect setting to become friends with thirty international students for life. It’s a small, beautiful town that has a lot to offer. After nine years, I can confirm that friendships made in Fulda last. I was a part of ISU 2013, and now, after so many years of schools, conferences and travels to 20+ countries - ISU memories are the warmest in many ways. Fulda ISU is an incredible blend of learning and cultural experience, with fun field trips and activities. Fulda has a special place in my heart because that’s where I met my husband! See the proof below from the summer of 2013 as ISU students on a field trip in Berlin and from June 2022 as a married couple. I am beyond grateful for this life-changing experience, to say the least.”

Joana Araújo – ISU 2022: “I can say that ISU is a good place to learn while having fun and meeting people from other countries and cultures. In addition to being able to learn a little more about a topic chosen by us, we also have the opportunity to learn German. The workshops are diversified and quite fun where we can get to know our colleagues better and make friends. Finally, we have the trips where we get to know new cities and a little bit of German history.”

Beatriz Pereira – ISU 2022: “I really liked that we had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and getting to know the different cultures. Munich was my favourite excursion. Seeing the mountains and the Neuschwanstein castle was a new experience for me. All the people, who are involved – the teachers, tutors etc. – were great and I really felt at home in Fulda.”

Elvis Ng’andwe – ISU 2022: I must say that the summer school was a great experience in many ways, I had a great intercultural experience. I learnt a lot about other cultures from different parts of the globe. The different world views in our diverse group challenged me to review my own world view. The host country Germany gave me a chance to learn some basics of the German language. More especially, it was a great opportunity to learn and experience the German Culture. The tours and academic events were so interesting that I still vividly remember the trips we had to different historical places in Germany. My favourite still remains Berlin. Our tutors were really cool and supportive in many different ways. The Professors made the courses very interesting. I personally found the lectures on migration and sustainability very informative with deep insight on global politics. Of course, I enjoyed the social events; salsa, swimming, volleyball and canoeing. Please take note that the host city Fulda is a great place with nice parks and forests, I enjoyed taking long walks.

Emily Inglis – IWU 2020: Years on from the program, and I'm still grateful for the international friends I made there, the German language useful for travelling in Europe, the perspectives in class from the cultural diversity, and also the non-curricular field trips that were both interesting and educational on past German events. Highly recommend coming early to the Winter Program and visiting Christmas markets around Germany!

Pablo Gutierrez – ISU 2019: It was an honor to be part of the ISU Hochschule Fulda 2019 program, it changed my life forever. I made life lasting friendships from around the world and fell in love with Germany’s history and culture. I really enjoyed the seminars, activities, and field trips. I’m very grateful with for this once in a life time experience, this type of programs make a remarkable difference in the students’ education. Would love to come back to Germany in the future!