Accommodation & Meals


Only Single Room apartments due to the corona situation (no extra charge!)
Due to the current pandemic situation, we offer single room apartments for each participant without extra charge. Breakfast is included. All rooms are with private bathrooms at a hotel in Fulda’s city centre within 15 minutes walking distance from campus.

For more information please contact isuteam(at)


The university cafeteria (“Mensa”) is open from 10am – 2pm Monday through Friday during the IWU. Warm meals are served between 12pm and 2pm for € 1.50 - € 3.50 per meal. Vegetarian dishes are available every day. Mensa chef and staff will be happy to cater for further dietary requests. With the exception of home stay, all accommodations (both in the university residences and private accommodation) are self-catering.

Academic Director

Prof. Dr.

Uwe Hunger

Political Science with a Focus on Migration and Integration

Building P (22) , Room 118
Prof. Dr.Uwe Hunger+49 661 9640-476
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Programme Coordinator

Judith Tornier


International Summer University and International Winter University

Building 41 , Room 101a/b
Judith Tornier+49 661 9640-1740
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Monday - Friday
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