Fees for Fulda Pre-Study

Course nameCosts
Fulda Pre-Study with B2(German language course admission requirement: CEFR level B1)€750
Fulda Pre-Study with DSH course(German language admission requirement at least CEFR level B2) €970

Fulda Pre-Study without a German course
Participants may only select this option if they are able to submit a DSH 2 or DSH 3 certificate as proof of proficiency in German (or an equivalent qualification)

Fulda Pre-Study with German beginners' course€880
Fulda Pre-Study with B1-course €750


Fee Exemption for Refugees can be prooved after required and acknowledged documents have been provided.

Additional fees

  1. An initial registration fee of €300 is due on admission. You will receive a letter of conditional acceptance with further details on the payment process. 
  2. The total programme fee, see above, must be paid in full before the programme begins. Students whose programme fee has not been received in full will not be able to participate in the programme. (Payment by instalments can be arranged).
  3. Semester contribution of approx €300 / each semester

Cost of living

The estimated cost of living for students in Fulda is approx. €800 per month, including rent (at least 300 €/month), utilities, food, mandatory health insurance (105 €/month),  course materials and entertainment.