Our team - Consulting and support

Christina Pitz

  • Coordinator of the preparatory programme "Pre-Study Fulda"
  • contact person for international participants with/without visa-procedure
  • module plan
  • admissions
  • support

Sünje Preen

  • Coordinator German Language Courses of the International Office
  • Contact person for German language courses and examinations

Lana Tofik

  • Contact person for questions, support and advice on the Pre-Study for Refugees Programme
  • Volunteer and full-time experience with refugees
  • Intercultural trainer
  • Studies in social sciences with focus on intercultural relations at Fulda University of Applied Sciences since 2017

Julika Wolf

  • Studies in social and cultural sciences with a focus on intercultural
    communication and European studies, Fulda University since 2019
  • Contact person for questions, support and advice in Pre-Study for
    Refugees programme