Programme details

Pre-Study Fulda gives you the best possible start to your studies as an international student in Germany.
The programme provides insight into the German university system and the German language and culture as well as subject-specific preparation for your degree programme. Extensive support is offered to programme participants in the form of intensive German courses from beginner's level up to DSH-exam, academic guidance as well as theBuddy Programme.

See German Courses and Curriculum  for details of the academic content of the programme.


Course dates:

11. April - 10 July 2023: Applicants with level A2 German skills (CEFR): 25 class hours per week. B1 examination has to be passed in order to continue with B2 course.

11 April - 31 July 2023: Applicants with level B1 German skills (CEFR); 20-25 class hours per week. B2 level examination has to be passed in order to continue with the DSH course.

27 March - 31 July 2023: Applicants with level B2 German skills (CEFR) or higher.

All courses are priorised planned with physical attendance. If course can be held on campus will be decided according to regional actual pandemic situation because of COVID19. Particpation in online-classes requires good internet charge with tablet/PC/laptop and micro- and headphones (no mobile phones).


Languages of instruction
Intercultural Communication and European Studies (MA): English and German
Global Software Development (MSc): English
All others: German

Advantages of taking part in Pre-Study Fulda

  • Learn about the German university system and German culture so as to make the most of your time in Germany
  • Lay a strong academic foundation in your chosen field
  • Particpants in DSH- and academic courses may receive a bonus of 0.3 on your GPA and preferential admission to restricted-entry courses in the first semester of the programmes
  • Meet international students from all over the world and explore Fulda and the federal state of Hesse

Bachelor´s programmes

  • Applied Computer Science (BSc)
  • Business Informatics (BSc)
  • Digital Media (BSc)
  • E-Health (BSc)
  • Electrical Engineering & Information Technology (BEng)
  • Engineering and Management (BEng)
  • Food Technology (BSc)
  • Health Economics and Health Policy (BSc)
  • Health Promotion (BSc)
  • International Business Administration (BSc)
  • International Business & Management (BSc)
  • International Health Sciences (BSc)
  • Mechatronics (BEng)
  • Midwifery (BSc)
  • Nursing (BSc)
  • Physiotherapy (BSc)
  • Renewable Energy (BEng)
  • Science and Engineering (BSc/BEng)

Master´s programmes

  • Applied Computer Science (MSc)
  • Embedded Systems (MEng)
  • Energy and Automation Systems (MEng)
  • Global Software Development (MSc)
  • Human Rights Studies in Politics, Law and Society (MA)
  • Intercultural Communication and European Studies (MA)
  • International Management (MSc)
  • Public Health (MSc)
  • Public Health Nutrition (MSc)