Private housing

Finding private housing in Fulda

If you'd like to be a bit more independent during your time in Fulda or would like to experience sharing accommodation with German students, you might like to investigate private housing options. Students frequently live together in a shared flat - known as a Wohngemeinschaft (WG). Each person has his or her own room but everyone shares the kitchen and the bathroom. Here is some advice on how to find private accommodation in Fulda. 


For information about the availability of private accommodation, you can contact AStA, the Student Executive Committee, which has a list of student rooms for rent and can provide contact details for a number of landlords who let rooms. Check the AStA website (page only available in German) for a list of rooms for rent.

Local newspapers

You can also look for accommodation ads in local newspapers, which are published once or twice a week. Please note that these ads are usually in German only.

  • Fuldaer Zeitung (Wednesdays and Sundays)
  • Fuldaer MK (a free paper that comes out on Wednesdays)
  • Fulda aktuell (a free paper that comes out on Sundays)
  • Marktkorb am Wochenende (print only, comes out on Sundays)

Real estate agencies can also help you find a private flat in Fulda but may charge you a month's rent or more for their service - which might not be worthwhile if you're only coming to Fulda for a semester or year.

Noticeboards on campus

There are numerous large noticeboards on campus - another good place to look for accommodation ads. There are noticeboards in the different departments, in the Student Service Centre and in the cafeteria (Mensa).

Other useful websites

Important flat-hunting terms

During your search for housing, you will probably come across a lot of abbreviations and special terms. The main ones are explained below.

AbstandYou have to buy part of the furnishings.
kaltThe cost of heating and other utilities is not included; they must be paid for separately.
KautionDeposit. It is usual to have to pay a deposit of up to three months' rent, which is refunded at the end of the contract. If any damage has been done, the landlord is allowed to withhold the amount of the money needed for the repairs from the deposit.
MVZRent to be paid in advance
NMMNet monthly rent (extra charges for heat, electricity, water, etc are not included)
warmThe cost of heating and other utilities is included.
WGShared housing. This indicates a communal living arrangement in which serveral tenants share a flat, each having his or her own bedroom but sharing kitchen and bath, utility costs, etc. In Germany, WGs are normally mixed. If you'd prefer not to share with members of  the opposite sex, make sure you ask about this aspect.
Zzgl. NKPlus utilities