Welcome to Fulda University!

Refugees who would like to learn German or to continue their studies in Fulda are given a warm welcome at Fulda University! We would like to smooth the way for you to embark on a study programme and to make things clearer for you.

Many different possibilities

Make the most of the opportunity to start or to continue your academic education in Fulda:

  • Prepare for university studies by taking German courses or enrolling in Fulda Pre-Study.
  • Attend seminars and lectures in English. If you already have some German, you can of course also attend seminars or lectures in German.
  • Quickly feel at home with the help of our “buddies” and special accommodation programmes.

Want to find out more? This website will give you all the information you need and the right contact person for all matters related to university studies – specially put together for you: admission criteria, funding, preparing to study, application, support and service.

No personal consultation hours

Please note that, due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, all personal consulation hours have been cancelled. Please contact us via email and telephone.