Study programmes

Fulda University offers more than 60 study programmes. Some study programmes are especially geared to international students. They are conducted either solely in English or partly in English and partly in German. Here is a brief view of what is on offer:

International Bachelor’s programme

International Master’s programmes


    Click here for a full list of the study programmes available at Fulda University.

    Preparing for university studies

    Basically, you can choose one of two options:

    1. If you want to make intensive linguistic and subject preparations for your studies at Fulda University, the best thing would be for you to attend the Fulda Pre-Study programme. It prepares participants for university studies and lasts one semester. In addition to German and English courses, you will be able to attend bridging courses that are specifically geared to the subject that you will go on to study. More information is available under “Preparing to study” or on the International Office’s webpages.(Application form)
    2. If you only want to prepare linguistically, you can attend our intensive German courses, which prepare you for university studies. They last one semester and are offered at different levels. More information is available under “Preparing to study” or on the Language Centre’s webpages.

    Preparatory programme

    You do not know what subject would be right for you? Or you are not sure whether your language and subject skills are sufficient or whether you have formed a correct picture of the study programme that you would like to follow? For everyone who needs initial guidance, the taster programme is the right way in to subsequent university studies.

    You can attend seminars and lectures in different subjects. This also enables you to find out about the practicalities of studying at a German university. You find out how a German professor teaches and how students work together in and outside the seminars.
    Depending on your language skills, you can choose between German and English courses. Fulda University offers courses in English in almost every faculty. Click here for an up-to-date list of all courses in English.

    If you like, you can combine attendance at different subject courses with participation in a German course.

    Matriculation as a guest student in the taster programme: In this case, you are not given a semester ticket. However, you may be able to obtain credits for your performance as a guest student in your later studies at Fulda University.

    Matriculation fees for guest students: Refugees do not have to pay any fees to matriculate as guest students as they are covered by Fulda University.

    Services for guest students: You can use the library and Fulda University’s WiFi system free of charge. Click here for more information on services.