Support and service

We provide practical help and advice for refugees – when choosing study programmes, submitting their applications, dealing with public authorities and throughout their entire time at the University. Specifically, we offer the following services:

Intensive advice on study options and funding
We discuss with you the study programme that would suit you best. We check whether you meet the requirements and show you ways to obtain funding.

No fear of bureaucracy
Experienced students help you to apply for all documents that you need for your stay in Germany and your studies.

Not alone on campus
To help you to settle in quickly in Fulda and at the University and feel at home, in the first semester you will have the support of a friend, a “buddy”. He or she is a student like you and has already spent a few semesters studying in Fulda. More information

Rooms vacant
German students often live in shared accommodation. In shared flats, each person has his or her own room and shares the bathroom and kitchens. Flat shares are the perfect way to get to know other students and everyday life. You learn German at the same time! We will be pleased to help you to find accommodation.

Speaking and writing German confidently

Your German is still not very good and you are not sure how to express yourself correctly? Don’t worry! In the Writing Lab, tutors will help you to prepare written papers. And in the Self-Study Centre you will find rooms that are just right for relaxed, successful study. More information

Useful links

The following websites provide more information about studying as a refugee at German universities: