Pre-College Fulda

Preparation for higher and professional education

Many applicants outside the EU only indirectly qualify to study at a German university, i.e. their qualifications are not yet sufficient to gain access to higher education. Completing one or two years of study in their home country or successfully attending a preparatory course in Germany are the traditional ways of directly qualifying to study at a German university.

An alternative to this is the programme Pre-College Fulda - Preparing International Students for University Studies and Careers. The aim of the programme is to offer international prospective students without direct entry qualifications alternative ways to access higher education. As the name suggests, the programme also prepares candidates for university studies and careers or professional training. It is an orientation programme that helps participants find and successfully pursue an education or career path that best suits their abilities and interests.


What does Pre-College Fulda offer?

  • Insights into university study: participation in regular courses and relevant module assessments, supported by "Buddies"

  • Insights into the working world: work placements, job shadowing and company visits

  • Application training, courses on entering the job market and looking for work placements

  • Preparation for German language tests telc C1 Hochschule (for higher education) and telc C1 Beruf (for business German)

Contact person

Susan Höntzsch

Coordinator Pre-College-Fulda

Preparation for studies and profession

Building 41 , Room 220
Susan Höntzsch+49 661 9640-1462
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Contact person

Peter Gitzler

Project Assistant Pre-College-Fulda

Preparation for studies and profession

Building 41 , Room 219
Peter Gitzler+49 661 9640-1465
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Mon – Wed: 8:00 – 16:00, Thu – Fri: 8:00 – 12:00

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