Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-College Fulda

For whom is the Pre-College Fulda programme interesting?

Do you have a higher education entrance qualification for your home country but you would have to attend a preparatory college (Studienkolleg) in Germany or take an assessment test (Feststellungspruefung)?

Then apply for the Pre-College Fulda programme!

The Pre-College Fulda programme not only prepares you to study in Germany, it also introduces you to the German vocational training system, and helps you build up contacts to placement partners in the economic region of Fulda and then choose the vocational training or study programme that is right for you.

What do I learn during the Pre-College Fulda programme?

In the Pre-College Fulda programme you must attend the following modules:

  • German: B2 level German course, C1 level German course, Grammar, Communication course, Writing consultation
  • Career preparation: Vocational education and application training, Professional networking training, Career and job orientation incl. company visits, Job placement
  • Study preparation: Digital communication, Mathematics, Basic principles of academic research, Specialist courses according to the desired study programme
  • Living, studying and working in Germany (including intercultural training)

At the end of the 1st semester,  you will take the telc B2 German exam, at the end of the 2nd semester the DSH exam. You must complete this successfully.
You also have to do your homework regularly, successfully pass performance tests and/or exams in all modules and provide evidence of a 3-weeks job placement.

Can I study after attending Pre-College Fulda?

You are holding an indirect university entrance qualification and would you have to attend a preparatory college (Studienkolleg)?

After having successfully completed Pre-College Fulda, you can gain conditional admission to study at Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

You then no longer have to attend a preparatory college, but can apply directly to study at Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

When does the next Pre-College Fulda begin?

Classes usually start in the first week of October and continue until August of the following year. Lessons take place from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. In total you will have 25-30 lessons per week.

How much does the participation in the Pre-College Fulda programme cost?

The participation fees for attending the Pre-College Fulda are €1,950 for the entire programme. This includes the tuition and examination fees as well as the textbooks for the German lessons.

As a participant in the Pre-College you will not be enrolled as a regular student, but as a member of Fulda University you can visit the library and canteen.

You must take out private health insurance and pay for books and other study material yourself. You will need approximately € 700 a month for rent, food and other expenses.

As a rule, you are not allowed to work while taking the Pre-College programme. You should therefore clarify beforehand how you will secure funding while in Germany.

How can I apply for Pre-College Fulda?

Application period for Pre-College usually starts in April. 

You can apply for Pre-College Fulda if you meet the following requirements:

  • recognized proof of German skills of at least B1 level (Goethe, telc, DSD, ÖSD)
  • University entrance qualification for your home country (indirect university entrance qualification)
  • academic requirements for your respective career/study programme
  • Your desired subject is offered at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences

We only consider complete applications! A complete application includes scans of the following documents:

  1. Recognized proof of German language skills of at least B1 level (we accept proof of Goethe, telc, DSD, ÖSD)
  2. Tabular curriculum vitae
  3. School leaving certificate with an overview of subjects and grades in the original language
  4. School leaving certificate with an overview of subjects and grades as a translation into German or English
  5. Possibly university degree certificate (if you have already completed a degree in your home country/abroad)
  6. Copy of passport (and, if available: residence permit for Germany

Do you help me apply for a visa?

We cannot call embassies on your behalf but we will provide you with certification (confirming admission to the programme or confirmation of participation), which embassies require to process your visa application.


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Coordinator Pre-College-Fulda

Preparation for studies and profession

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Coordinator "Pre-College Fulda"

Preparation for studies and profession

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