Hybrid University Information Day

21st May 2022

Welcome to Fulda University of Applied Sciences´ hybrid University Information Day!

On Saturday, May 21st, 2022, between 10am and 3.30pm CEST, you can get to know Fulda University´s academic departments, our study programmes, our facilities and the city. Moreover you can directly talk to students and staff and ask all your personal questions.

Most of the events will take place in German. You´ll find the German programme here. However, there are some sessions you can join without any German language skills. A detailled programme with sampling lectures, info sessions and other events offered in English can be found below.

You can also join our WhatsApp Group Chat for international prospective students  that will be open from the hybrid University Information Day onwards. 

We are looking forward to (e)meet you!

Sampling lectures and info sessions of the different departments in English

DepartmentTopicTime (CEST)Link to session
International OfficeIntroduction to Fulda University of Applied Sciences incl. Q&A Session13.00 - 14.00click here
International OfficePreparatory programmes - Presentation and Q&A Session14.00 - 15.00click here
Applied Computer ScienceBrief introduction: "Global Software Development" (M.Sc.)14.00 - 14.30click here
Applied Computer Science/ Electrical Engineering and Information Technology / Food TechnologyBrief introduction: "Science and Engineering" (B.Sc./B.Eng.)15.00 - 15.30click here
BusinessIntroduction into the programme, reports semester abroad and projects | " International Business & Management" (B.Sc.)11.00 - 11.25click here
BusinessLecture light: Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto: The 66 billion $ question14.00 - 14.30click here
Health SciencesInternational Health Sciences - face the health challenges of the globalised world10.00 - 10.45  
Health SciencesPerspectives on health: From the personal to the political | "International Health Sciences" (B.Sc.)12.15 - 13.00click here
Health SciencesSemester Abroad & Internship: The icing on the IHS-cake? | "International Health Sciences" (B.Sc.)13.15 - 14.15click here
Health SciencesInterview: Meet and ask our students | "International Health Sciences" (B.Sc.)10.00 - 14.00click here
Nutritional, Food and Consumer SciencesIntroduction: "International Food Business and Consumer Sciences" (M.Sc.)14.00 - 15.00click here
Social and Cultural Sciences"Human Rights Studies in Politics, Law and Society" (M.A.)14.00 - 14.25click here
Social and Cultural Sciences"Intercultural Communication and European Studies" (M.A.)14.30 - 14.55click here

Talk to us on the University Information Day

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