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First days in Fulda

Once the formalities regarding your visit have been arranged and you have found accommodation, your time in Fulda can finally begin. On the following we will provide you with all the necessary information concerning how to get to Fulda and what needs to be done during your first days. Let´s get started!

1. Your arrival in Fulda

Please let us know when you plan to arrive in Fulda so that we can arrange an appointment and prepare all the formalities for your first week.

Before you fly, take note of customs regulations in Germany. For more details about German custom regulations, click here

2. Travelling to Fulda

Fulda is located at the heart of Germany. The nearest airport is Frankfurt International Airport. There is a high-speed train connection between Fulda and Frankfurt Airport, which takes just one hour.

If you need any information about connections between Frankfurt Airport and Fulda, please click here

You can purchase online tickets from this website, which is also available in English. You can also download the "DB Navigator" app onto your mobile phone.

Another alternative is to rent a car from Frankfurt Airport. For more details, click here

Cars picked up at Frankfurt Airport can be returned in Fulda. However, not all rental companies have an office in Fulda. Car rental companies with offices in Fulda and Frankfurt Airport are:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Sixt

3. Welcome package

We will provide you with a "welcome package" as soon as you arrive in Fulda. This package contains your itinerary, an overview of contact persons at the university, a city map as well as general information about Fulda and living in Germany.

4. Formalities at Fulda University and in your department

Our Welcome Centre will assist you with all formalities and introduce you to people at the university and in your respective department. The Welcome Centre will moreover help you with you contract(s) and oher administrative procedures.

5. Insurance

There are different kinds of policies for short-term visiting scholars and visiting scholars with employment contracts.

If you are staying here as a short-term visiting scholar, you can only apply for private insurance coverage. When you are in Fulda, we will provide you with a list of insurance companies. We will also help you apply for insurance.

If you have an employment contract, then you are subject to compulsory German health insurance.

However, we strongly recommend you take out additional German insurance, such as private liability insurance. German private liability insurance is the most important type of insurance in Germany (second only to mandatory health insurance). It covers all costs and liabilities incurred as a result of an accident, i.e. personal and property damage.

If you have a chronic illness or disability and need mobility assistance, please specify this in the application form. This information is required by insurance regulations in Germany and also helps the Welcome Centre offer you appropriate support during your stay.

6. Child benefit

Parents are eligible to receive child benefit ("Kindergeld") for all children up to the age of 18. Under certain circumstances, parents from abroad are also eligible for child benefit. This is usually paid to parents, who are currently residing in Germany or are residents of Germany.

In order to receive this allowance, the children must actually reside in Germany or another member state of the European Union. Child benefit is currently approx. €194 a month for the first and second child, €200 for the third child and €225 for each additional child. To be assessed for eligibility, you are required to sent an application to the local Family Benefits Office ("Familienkasse") in Hanau.


Visiting addressPostal address
Am Hauptbahnhof 1
63450 Hanau
Familienkasse Hessen
34196 Kassel

If you are a public service employee at Fulda University, you will automatically receive child benefit from your employer. We would be happy to help you to obtain the necessary forms.

7. Registering with the authorities

The Welcome Centre will help you register with the authorities in Fulda. If you are staying in Germany for more than three months, you need to register at Bürgerbüro Fulda(Fulda City Hall). You should register your new address within 14 days. To register, remember to take with you:

  • a valid passport
  • rental agreement from your landlord (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung); If you are staying in one of our guest apartments, we will provide you with this form
  • If you are accompanied by your family, you need to present German or English translations of your marriage certificate and/or children´s birth certificates.

After registration, you will receive a document called Anmeldebestätigung, or certificate of registration. You will also receive your Tax ID Number together with this document. With your certificate of registration, you can open a bank account and register with a German statutory health insurance company.



Jorge Mondéjar Fernández

Recruiting and Support for international researchers and visiting scholars

• Recruiting Strategy • Support of HR department • Participation in recruitment fairs • Support before and during stay

Building 34 , Room 6
Dr.Jorge Mondéjar Fernández+49 661 9640 -1466


Helene Schmidtke

Advice and support for visiting scholars

• visa, accommodation, contracts • Support of departments • Guest apartments • Delegation visits • Support before and during stay

Building 10 , Room 204
Helene Schmidtke+49 661 9640-1466
Office hours
Mon – Thu: 8.30am – 4.30pm