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Services on Campus

Do you need a book? Do you feel like learning a new language? Are you hungry or do you want to work out? Fulda University offers a wide range of services. Most of the facilities are conveniently located directly on campus.

1. University libraries

The University has two libraries in Fulda. One is located on campus, the other in the city, on Heinrich von Bibra Platz. If you need books to help you with your teaching and research work, please ask our library service. Some books have to be ordered and not all of them are available in English.

To borrow books from the libraries, you need a library card. In order to obtain such library card lease complete the online form by clicking on this link

After you have completed the online form, you need to present your passport, registration confirmation from the city of Fulda and a visa that is valid for at least three months to the library receptionist. The library service will then issue your library card.

The library card entitles you to borrow books and use lockers. Books may be loaned for four weeks but you can renew the loan period three times (unless the books have been reserved by another user).

2. Language Courses

Fulda university offers a variety of language courses. During your stay here, you can attend courses such as German as a Foreign language alongside 14 other language courses. For further information please click here

3. Campus sport

A number of sports facilities and activities are available on campus. Our programme of activities is available to lecturers and employees as well as to students. Please note that only a limited number of places is available and that fees have to be paid for a full semester. 

For further information* please click here
*Please note that this website is available in German only. If you are interested and need more information about the programme, do not hesitate to contact us.

4. Cafeteria / Mensa

Our Cafeteria/Mensa serves a variety of dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Please take note of opening hours during the semester and holidays.

The cafeteria does not accept cash. All payments are made by using the staff card or special Mensa Card. To get a Mensa Card, please contact the cafeteria staff. The 5,00€ deposit of the card will be refunded once you return the card. Moreover the card needs to be credited with a minimum of 5,00€.

To view the cafeteria menu and opening hours*, please click here

*Please note that the content is available in German only.


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