10 answers to the question „Why should I study in Fulda?“

1. A wide range of options

Fulda University of Applied Sciences has eight academic departments offering around 60 Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. The choice is extensive and ranges from engineering, technology, computer science, business and law to nutrition, health, society and culture. In addition to traditional subjects such as business administration or electrical engineering, we also offer innovative courses including Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences, International Health Sciences or Renewable Energy.

2. Applied sciences – combining theory and practice

Fulda University is a university of applied sciences. This means that our study programmes are not just about theory, they also have a strong practical focus. This is reflected, for example, in close ties between the University and regional organisations and businesses where students complete internships and final theses. The International Office’s Careers Service also offers international students and graduates a wide range of information and advice on internships and career opportunities – enabling a smooth transition into professional life.

3. The dual study programme – a German success story

This programme offers the ultimate in practical training. Students enrolled in a dual study programme attend courses at the University and also work part time at a company. This enables you to acquire specialist knowledge that you can apply directly in the workplace, gain the experience necessary to transition into the professional world, and also start earning money. Some study programmes even include a complete vocational training. This format allows you to study a particular discipline and learn a profession all at the same time.

4. State-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology

Where better for technicians, natural scientists or engineers to apply their acquired knowledge than at workplaces common to their profession? Fortunately, Fulda University has a large range of so-called “laboratories” for authentic testing, real-world research and repeated application. The audio/video lab, NetLab, renewable energy lab, raw materials science lab, microbiology lab and the skills labs simulate real working conditions and help students acquire the skills they will need in their future professions.

5. From preparatory course to doctorate

Fulda University enables you to complete your entire university education. If you’re still lacking some knowledge or skills, you can fill in any gaps by taking a preparatory course. If you want to do a Master’s programme after completing your Bachelor’s degree, or even do a doctorate, all doors are open to you. In 2016, Fulda University of Applied Sciences became the first university of applied sciences in Germany to be allowed to award doctoral degrees. We currently have doctoral candidates in the disciplines of Applied Computer Science, Social Sciences, Public Health and Social Work.

6. Thriving international community

Of approximately 9,700 students at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, around 1,400 come from over 100 different countries outside Germany. The blend of languages, cultures and perspectives not only creates an international atmosphere on campus and in the cafeteria, it also enriches the courses as well as life for students and the general public in the city.

7. Short distances and close personal contact

A great advantage of small towns and small universities is the proximity of facilities and close personal contact between students and their lecturers and tutors. Despite having almost 10,000 students, Fulda University still has a close-knit community. Everyone knows everyone, and if you do need support or assistance, you don't to need go very far. There is always someone on hand to advise you.

8. Support where it is needed

We want to help first-year international students no matter what their needs and problems are. To do this, we have developed various measures for the time prior to and during your studies. Specialpreparatory programmes such as Pre-College and Pre-Study help you improve your German language skills, acquire specialist knowledge or get to know the German academic system. Buddy Programmes and excursions provide an ideal opportunity to meet people and share experiences.

9. Historic city with a central location

With approximately 70,000 inhabitants, Fulda is one of Germany’s smaller cities. But its advantages include a high quality of life, easy accessibility, a safe public environment and affordable living costs. What’s more, its central location and direct connections to train, bus and motorway networks make Fulda an ideal base for exploring the rest of Germany.

10. Recreational amenities

A historic city centre, museums and theatres, restaurants and bars, concerts, clubs and parties, hiking and cycling trails, the mountains of the Rhön region. The list of leisure activities available in and around Fulda is endless. On campus, university sport, music (big band and university choir) as well as student projects, film evenings, the university festivals and the International Night attract numerous visitors.
And for those who want even more, the train journey to Frankfurt am Main only takes around 60 minutes...