Centre for Plant-Based Foods

What does it cover?

Work at the Centre for Plant-Based Foods focuses on plant-based raw materials such as cereal flours. It builds on the theoretical principles of plant-based food technology with practical exercises, practice in the relevant methods and techniques, and investigation of possible alternatives. New methods of food production are developed and tested, and the Centre also works on technical problems on behalf of industry. Its general concern is with the optimal production of products: How can the product be best adapted to the producing machine? What happens to a bread dough, for example, if ingredients are omitted or added? The Centre deals with these and similar questions relating to plant-based raw materials for many areas, with a particular focus on the following:

  • Cereals, flour and pasta (with kneaders, ovens and extruders)
  • Chocolate and confectionery (with tempering machines, enrobers and NIR analysis)
  • Fats and oils (with oil presses, food processors and texture analysers)

Inside the lab

Laboratory management

Prof. Dr.

Joachim Schmitt

Technology of Plant-Based Foods

Building 31 , Room 223
Prof. Dr.Joachim Schmitt+49 661 9640-504
Consultation hours
Thu 11:30 – 12:30 and with appointment


Ralf Schaefer

Laboratory Engineer

Building 33 , Room 003
Ralf Schaefer+49 661 9640-543
Consultation hours
Please make an appointment

Location of the laboratory

Building: 33
Room: 001