Food Process Engineering Laboratory

What does it cover?

Food process engineering is concerned with food characterisation using physical methods and with examining, planning and optimising processes. Work in this area covers analysis of processes and process steps, and development and modelling of processes, including the necessary plant engineering. It looks at questions such as: How can a specific food be processed? How can manufacturing processes be optimised for industry? And what are the issues surrounding food safety and processing (can foreign materials enter machines, for example)?

Impressionen vom Labor

Laboratory management

Prof. Dr.

Uwe Grupa

Food Process Engineering

Building 50 , Room 108
Prof. Dr.Uwe Grupa+49 661 9640-520
Consultation hours
Tue 9:30 – 10:00 - please make an appointment



Inga Huismann

Laboratory Engineer

Building 50 , Room 106
Dr.Inga Huismann+49 661 9640-5234
Consultation hours
Please make an appointment

Location of the laboratory

Building: 50
Room: 111