Pharmaceutical Technology and Packaging Science Laboratory

What does it cover?

The field of pharmaceutical technology deals with the conversion of pharmaceutical substances or mixtures into usable dosage forms. The aim hereby is to achieve optimal effectiveness, compatibility and stability including the usage of appropriate excipients, technological methods, and packaging.

Packaging science examines and conceptualizes the ease of handling of consumer packaging using normative target-group tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17480.

Inside the lab

What opportunities does the laboratory offer?

The laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and Packaging Science is an elective engineering and technological laboratory offering bachelor students the courses “Fundamentals of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology” and “Pharmaceutical Technology”.

Additionally, the master’s program offers the courses “Advanced Topics of Pharmaceutical Technology” and “Food Packaging and Transportation”.

Topics and practical courses

During laboratory work students apply and deepen theoretical principles learned through the lectures. All laboratory courses are conducted in accordance with guidelines for quality assurance of production processes and environment for producing pharmaceutical drugs (Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP).

The areas of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology provide students with a fundamental understanding of pharmaceutical work methods. Various dosage forms are prepared including liquid and semi-solid drug forms (e.g., gels, pastes, salves, creams) as well as suppositories.

The manufacturing and assessing of solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules are focused on in Pharmaceutical Technology. The methods and procedures of drugs development are conducted in accordance with the European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.).

Besides in-depth chapters such as coating of particles and melt extrusion, Advanced Topics of Pharmaceutical Technology includes topics such as biopharmaceutics and special dosage forms (such as modified-release tablets). Laboratory courses focus on varying areas such as drug development and the dissolution of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The area of Food Packaging and Transport focuses on the life cycle of various packaging from extraction, processing, usage to recycling. The focus areas vary, one of which is normative group tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17480, emphasizing on technological issues of packaging.

Focal points, research opportunities and laboratory equipment

The laboratory courses offered build on the fundamentals of process technology and offer the possibility to specialize in the field of pharmaceutical technology. In addition to standard pharmaceutical formulation instruments, the laboratory also provides fluid-bed and wet granulators, tablet presses, coaters, and a packaging device. The laboratory is also equipped with the necessary devices and apparatus for quality assurance in accordance with the specifications of the European Pharmacopeia (Ph. Eur.).

The laboratory offers up to 15 workstations where solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms can be produced on a laboratory scale. Dosage forms can be assessed in accordance with the specifications of the Ph. Eur. Additionally, standardized target group tests and instrumental analysis regarding the ease of use and safe handling of consumer packaging are carried out:

  • Instructions on opening and consumer perception
  • Developing solid dosage forms

Collaboration with Companies

Special feature of the laboratory: specialization on assessing the ease of use of packaging provides the laboratory a main selling point through Europe. As a result, not only students benefit from the high-quality equipped laboratory, but companies can also fall back on the expertise in Fulda.

Laboratory management

Prof. Dr.

Felix Ecker

Pharmaceutical Technology and Packaging Science

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Myriam Braun-Münker

Research Associate

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Location of the laboratory

Building: 32
Room: 001/002
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