Thermal Process Engineering Laboratory

What does it cover?

Process engineering is concerned with the technical performance of processes that specifically change the type, properties or composition of materials. Thermal process engineering relates to processes that are concerned with heat, and heat transmission in particular. How, for example, can heat be applied to a product in order to separate components from a mixture? Thermal separation processes such as drying, distillation/rectification, absorption, adsorption, extraction and crystallisation are central topics.

Inside the lab

Laboratory management

Prof. Dr.

Günter Esper

Thermal Process Engineering

Building 31 , Room 218
Prof. Dr.Günter Esper+49 661 9640-515
Consultation hours
Wed 13.30 - 14.30 and with appointment (eMail) (during semester break: please make an appointment)


Jutta Breitenbach

Laboratory Engineer

Building 50 , Room 107
Jutta Breitenbach+49 661 9640-5254
Consultation hours
Please make an appointment


Ramona Hülsmann

Tutor of Special Tasks

Building 34 , Room 410
Ramona Hülsmann+49 661 9640-2896
Consultation hours
Please make an appointment

Location of the laboratory

Building: 50
Room: 016
Technical Center: 010