Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office

Welcome to the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office!

Fulda University of Applied Sciences is committed to their work towards equity and equal opportunities. Our office unites key subjects such as anti-discrimination, diversity, gender equality, cross-cultural communication and the advancement of junior researchers and scientists.

Our focus

Anti-discrimination counselling

The Anti-Discrimination Office offers support and advice for those who encounter discrimination because of their ethnic background, religion, language, gender, as a trans, intersex, or queer person, because of disability, class, age, or in multiple intersecting ways.

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Intercultural services

Fulda University of Applied Sciences provides services and support for more and advanced cross-cultural communication and understanding. Here you can find information on our intercultural services.

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Equal Opportunity in Academic Careers

Fulda University of Applied Sciences is taking responsibility for creating an affirmative and supportive environment in which junior researches in all their diversity can optimally develop their potential and advance in the best possible way. We support you!

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women@ workshops

women@hs-fulda (german: frauen@-Reihe) is an ongoing workshop series designed to support female students in their personal development and to help them shape their professional profiles. The series provides valuable information on topics such as career start and job applications, self-confidence or life-work-balance.

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Gender and diversity sensitivity in communication

According to the principles of our university and campus culture we aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. In order to raise awareness for discriminatory patterns in language, we have compiled a number of guidelines focused on gender and diversity.

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Mentoring Hessen

Fulda University of Applied Sciences aims to support aspiring female scientists in all our departments. Mentoring Hessen offers support and helps female students in STEM-programs, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers with networking and aquiring the necessary skills for their careers.

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German Diversity Day

Every summer semester Fulda University of Applied Sciences participates in the German Diversity Day to celebrate differences and similarities, to further understanding and educate on different topics.

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Equal opportunity strategies

Our equal oppotunity strategies are framed by various programs, directives and other strategic documents. Here you find more on this framework as well as guidelines, recommendations and information on awards.

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