Ласкаво просимо до університету Фульди! Welcome to Fulda University of Applied Sciences!

[Translate to englisch:] Die Teilnehmer*innen von "Pre-Study for Refugees"

Die Teilnehmer*innen von "Pre-Study for Refugees"; Foto: Hochschule Fulda

We are delighted to welcome 18 participants in our Pre-Study for Refugees programme!

The war in Ukraine has meant that countless people have been forced to flee their homes. Many have had to abandon their studies and are now looking for new opportunities. Pre-Study for Refugees offers these people the chance to attend German language and specialist courses. In mid-May, 18 refugees from Ukraine began an intensive language course with the target language level A2. Some are attending specialist classes in their degree subject in English alongside 25 hours of German lessons a week. A highly motivated team and course participants are enjoying the intercultural encounters that take place in the courses and look forward to the planned excursions and other activities.

The Pre-Study for Refugees programme is funded by the DAAD.