„How was the beginning of your studies?“

First-year student survey

The first-year student survey gives insights about the students´experience at the beginning of their studies. Photo: Rawpixel.com - stock.adobe.com

How do the current first-year students experience the beginning of their studies? What expectations do they have? First-year students are invited to answer these and other questions in the first-year student survey.

Fulda University of Applied Sciences seeks to support all students as good as possible. At the same time, Fulda Universitiy aims to improve its support structures constantly. "The students´ evaluation, experience and remarks play a central role when it comes to optimising the study conditions", says Lisa Marg from the Evaluation Office.

Information on the survey in English language can be found at the beginning of the questionnaire (just switch language). You will receive the login data for the survey to your university email address. Alternatively, you can also participate in the survey via your department´s Moodle platform.

Thank you for your participation.