Winter semester 2021/22 – Corona Protection Regulations

[Translate to englisch:] Das Wintersemester 2021/2022 wird wieder in Präsenz stattfinden.

The upcoming winter semester 2021/22 will take place on campus. To ensure sufficient protection against infection, certain regulations have to be followed.

Dear students,

As already announced, the upcoming winter semester 2021/22 will take place on campus. Our goal is to make it possible for you to visit lectures and practical classes as well as to self-study and to become part of student life on campus.

The minimum distance of 1.5m in lecture halls is no longer required. However, in order to ensure sufficient protection against infection the following regulations have to be observed:

  • The 3G rule(vaccinated, recovered, tested) will apply
  • Medical or FFP2 masks must be worn in all buildings and also during all seminars/lectures, even after having taken seat

An external service provider will check the compliance to these regulations at all main entrances of the campus. There might also be random checks at other places, for example during seminars/lectures by the respective instructors.

For you this means you are only allowed to enter the campus in case you

  • have fully been vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 with a recognized vaccine  (click for list) and the last necessary vaccination took place more than 14 ago (valid vaccination certificate required) or you
  • have fully recovered from a COVID-19 infection (valid proof of recovery required) or you
  • have been tested negative for COVID-19 within the last 24 hours (valid test certificate required)

For a valid test certificate, the university will offer free supervised self-tests in a testing station on campus from 11 October 2021 on. As testing capacities will be limited, longer waiting times are possible. Therefore, please arrive on campus in good time. The test result will only be valid for your stay on university ground.

Finally, I would again strongly recommend to get vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus to protect yourself and other people.

Further practical information like where to enter the campus or where to get tested for free will be sent by email next week and also published on our website.

Prof. Dr. Karim Khakzar
President of Fulda University of Applied Sciences