Working together to achieve academic goals

Together we are always stronger than alone. It's always useful to team up with other people who have the same or similar interests. Networks offer members the opportunity to learn and benefit from the experiences of others.

Networks for doctoral students

Young Academics Network (YAN)

YAN is a network of doctoral candidates and researchers interested in pursuing a doctoral degree at Fulda University. The Young Academics Network promotes research-related exchange and represents its interests at the university and in the general public. YAN is open to students from all departments, meetings take place monthly and newcomers are always welcome. More details are available on the Young Academics Network website (available in German only).

"" has set itself the task of increasing the number of students from non-academic backgrounds at universities and helping them successfully complete their studies. Fulda Arbeiterkind group

"Doctoral Students" project group, German Union for Education and Science (GEW) (nationwide).

The project group "Doctoral Students" set up by the GEW campaigns for better conditions for PhD students throughout Germany and organises advanced training programmes for doctoral candidates.