Aims and Responsibilities

What is CINTEUS?

CINTEUS (Centre for Intercultural and European Studies) was founded in 2007 by the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences of Fulda University of Applied Sciences. It has been a central institution of Fulda University since 2010.

CINTEUS was created to provide an institutional framework and intellectual place for academic work – and its communication to the public - on subjects and problem areas which are central to our present and future: 

  • The continuously growing need, brought about by globalization, to create intercultural relations and communication processes and the ways societies handle migration and integration problems.
  • In the course of a progressing enlargement and consolidation of European integration: the manifest challenges of a sustainable institutional reform of the EU and a sustainable solution to transnational and supranational problems, especially in the areas of regional, environmental and social policy. 

CINTEUS has formed key research areas within this multifaceted intercultural and European field of topics. Research at the departmental and university levels covers interdisciplinary issues, especially in disciplines represented at Fulda University: sociology and political science, law, communication sciences, and linguistics. 

Aims and Responsibilities of CINTEUS

CINTEUS aims at supporting the traditionally intensive and diverse activities of Fulda University’s professors in the research areas of social and cultural science, in knowledge transfer, counselling and continuing education. It further aims to develop and strengthen scientific resources and research profiles with interdisciplinary orientations.

In detail, the aims and responsibilities of the Centre for Intercultural and European Studies comprise:

  • Coordination and promotion of, above all, research activities at the departmental and university levels as well as international research activities.
  • Development and implementation of interdisciplinary research projects.
  • Support and further development of the research infrastructure within Fulda University; among others the scientific collection UNESCO biosphere reserve Rhön Mountains, the Peter Kühne archives on migration, flight, asylum, and the European Documentation Centre.
  • Communication of research results to the scientific and general public through a CINTEUS publication series. 
  • Presentation of research results through regular series of lectures, public fora, and scientific expert conferences.
  • Development and implementation of further education projects meeting the growing need for qualification in the areas of intercultural and European competence.
  • Promotion of student theory-practice projects associated with the key research activities of the Centre, as well as support and promotion of students with specific research interests.
  • In the medium term, planning and implementation of research training groups for doctoral candidates.