European integration

Research focus

Research on European integration focuses on institutional and socio-economic questions related to the European integration process. The following are some of the topic areas in which extensive research has been conducted in the past and which are being studied in ongoing projects:

  • Conceptual and empirical studies of the “European social model”;
  • Systemic change in the central eastern European EU member states, with the primary focus on labour relations;
  • Institutional, stakeholder and procedural problems in labour and socio-political governance in the EU, including the open method of coordinationand the transnational policy and self-regulation of the European employers’ federations and trade unions.

These research activities have been described in numerous publications. An institutionalised framework, within which extensive, externally funded projects are consistently conducted, was set in place when the European and Global Labour Relations Research Group was founded in 1997.

This research group is a member of a network with numerous non-German research establishments and is dedicated to empirical research into the protagonists, institutions and spheres of transnational labour relations. By focusing on the cross-border and supranational labour relations that have evolved dynamically at corporate level and at sectoral and multisectoral levels over the past ten years, the European and Global Industrial Relations Research Group at Fulda University of Applied Sciences has established itself as a high-profile research institution specialising in transnational labour relations within the field of labour relations research in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hans-Wolfgang Platzer

Prof. i.R. Dr.

Hans-Wolfgang Platzer

Political Science/European Integration/European Economic and Social Policies


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