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DAAD project: Social Security Coordination and Migration

New DAAD project.

Title: Social Security Coordination and Migration – Recent trends and developments through the comparative law lens: a German-Greek perspective (2020-2022)

The EU legislation on social security coordination poses numerous challenges to the German-Greek social security institutional structures. These challenges and the possible gaps in law and practice will be identified and investigated in depth by the study group of the German-Greek project financed by the DAAD for a period of three years.

A collaborative research project in the field of comparative social law and European social security law is established between the University of Applied Sciences Fulda and the Law Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The project focusses on building bridges between Germany and Greece within the multiple dimensions of social security coordination (legal, political, administrative). The project theme will be investigated with regard to three pillars (pensioners, workforce, economically inactive persons) and in relation to multiple stages of migration.

One aim of the project is to transfer the results of the research work into teaching in both Universities advancing learning in an international environment and promoting the understanding of different perceptions on social security.

Students and young scholars will be engaged in the research work, too. In this collaborative project they will come and work together with senior researchers, legal practitioners, judges and public administration representatives.

The Leader of the Project is Prof. Dr. Stamatia Devetzi (HS Fulda). She will be assisted by Project Coordinator Effrosyni Bakirtzi.

Leader of the project

Prof. Dr.

Stamatia Devetzi

Social Security Law

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Project Coordinator

Effrosyni Bakirtzi

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Effrosyni Bakirtzi+49 661 9640-