Environmental law

Research focus

The focus on environmental law under the academic guidance of Prof. Dr. Christian Schrader can no longer be understood solely on the basis of domestic environmental law. The advances in European integration are leading to numerous overlaps. Primary and secondary European law are exerting a strong influence on what happens at the national level.

Some of the statements regarding the environment and sustainability in the EU Treaty and EU law relating to the environment must be applied directly or set standards for domestic legislation. In particular, structures such as the multimedia approach or approaches related to procedural law, which are alien to Germany, are leading to controversies under German law. A long-term research priority is therefore to maintain a focus on questions of nature conservation, soil conservation, climate protection and the transparency and openness to the public of EU law. In particular, the UNECE Aarhus Convention with its implementation in community law is having a marked effect on German ways of viewing access to information, public participation and recourse to the law courts in environmental matters.

The issues addressed are also pursued from a comparative law perspective and in the international context. The work carried out leads, in particular, to publications, expert reports and conferences. In addition, researchers are repeatedly consulted as specialists in parliamentary hearing and are members of an advisory council at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.


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