Skilfully expanding a network in public health

The Fulda Public Health Centre is a communication and collaboration forum for regional, supra-regional and international collaboration partners from public health research, teaching and practice.

All Fulda University of Applied Sciences scholars who have research interests in public health and want to contribute actively to the discipline are welcome to collaborate with the centre on their projects. Collaboration with researchers from other universities in Germany and abroad who work in the fields of public health and public health nutrition is also desirable, especially if it includes doctoral supervision activities or participation in viva voce examinations.

Fulda Public Health Centre’s networking strategies:

  • Research at the Fulda Public Health Centre comprises internally and externally funded research projects that are often conducted in collaboration with partners from the regional, supra-regional and international communities of researchers and practitioners. Read more about the Centre’s research projects
  • Research at the Fulda Public Health Centre often plays a role in interdepartmental teaching activities at the university, as students from various departments bring their project and thesis work to the centre to prepare themselves for public health research work.
  • The Fulda Public Health Centre’s scholars are actively involved in external research associations and research centres.
  • The centre’s researchers communicate their results in academic journals, presentations, at conferences hosted by the centre and other organisations and via a planned serial publication.