ICEUS Alumni share their experience

...what do ICEUS alumni say about the Master's programme in retrospect? Share your experiences with us in video messages.

Maren Mainx

...studied ICEUS from 2016 to 2018.

People who are interested in global issues and Europe should definitely take a look at the well-structured and diverse programme, she thinks. She completed her internship in the third semester at a German language institute in Costa Rica and then decided to dedicate her Master's thesis to German-Costarican relations. Maren is currently doing her PhD at the PhD Centre of Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

Anna-Magdalena Papadopoulos

...studied ICEUS from 2016 to 2018.

She says it was one of the best and most formative times in her life so far. Intercultural communication is experienced and lived in the course, as students from more than 15 nations were represented in the programme. She completed her compulsory internship at Minority Rights Group International in London. Today, Anna works in the department of project development and migration at Caritasverband für die Diözese Osnabrück e.V..

Nini Grdzelishvili

...studied ICEUS from 2011 to 2013.

Looking back, she fondly remembers her time in Fulda, the trips to Strasbourg and Brussels and her internship in Berlin. Nini describes the mix of intercultural communication and European studies that characterises the degree programme as something very unique.

Nini participated in the International Diplomats' Training of the Federal Foreign Office.
An article on this was published in the 2020 Annual (p. 16-17)

More testimonials

Dorina Dedgjoni, ICEUS-14:

ICEUS provides an excellent opportunity for merging in-depth academic knowledge and valuable experience of working in a multicultural environment. It is an academically challenging programme which confronts the Intercultural Communication and European Studies topics not only with new methodological approaches, but also with new ways of working in a globalized world. Studying ICEUS has given me the chance to learn from diversity and embrace new ways of thinking, by participating in discussions and sharing experiences with highly motivated colleagues from all over the world. The internship during the master's programme allows you to build up experience, confidence and further career opportunities within multicultural teams. Most significantly for me, ICEUS opened the doors towards a further educational pathway, by giving me the opportunity to pursue a PhD within a stimulating and interacting international scientific environment at the Graduate Center in Social Sciences for Globalization, European Integration, Intercultural Studies of Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences.

David Alejandro Muñiz-HernandezICEUS-17:
The ICEUS programme of the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences at the University Fulda gave me a unique opportunity to focus on areas of intercultural communication theory, European law, globalization and European integration.
Not only has my master's degree strengthened my critical thinking tremendously but opened up a new horizon of career options. I was recently given the opportunity to pursue my research through a PhD position at the University of Fulda. The University of Applied Sciences of Fulda provides the most collaborative environment for graduate student researchers I have encountered thus far. Bringing together researchers from multiple fields in one centre not only promotes keeping up-to-date with research in different fields, but also provides opportunities for collaboration and fresh perspectives on your own research. Through my experiences at the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, I have made life-long connections and keep developing skills and techniques which will pave the start to a career in research.

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