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Even those who don't own a good old-fashioned telephone but instead a modern smartphone can get advice from us by telephone. Depending on the availability of our team, it is also possible to consult with us via Skype or other online tools, provided that you do not have any data protection concerns when using third-party tools.

In principle, we are also happy to provide written feedback by e-mail or Microsoft Word comments. You can clarify exactly what questions you would like to be addressed in an initial telephone conversation with us. For the written feedback, however, you should select a few pages and formulate a specific request. Although we can give you written feedback several times or on several different parts of your work, please note we usually do not comment on complete works.

By the way, there may be requests that are difficult to handle over the phone or online. In this case we will recommend that a personal meeting is arranged.

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Simply click here and fill out our online registration form. We will be in contact with you usually between one to two business days. Please register with the Writing Lab at least two weeks before the due date of your writing assignment. 

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