Audio-visual laboratory (AVLab)

The audio-visual laboratory (AV lab) in the Department of Applied Computer Science at Fulda University is used primarily to provide basic training in the specialisation area of media informatics. Students can produce and digitalise video sequences in the laboratory, edit them non-sequentially and incorporate audio-visual material.

Students can use a series of workstations that are all connected to a high-capacity storage array via a high-performance network. Video material can therefore be accessed from all editing suites simultaneously.


The courses conducted in the AV lab are intended to provide foundational knowledge on producing and editing digital media. The topics addressed include the following:

•    Planning and making video and audio recordings
•    Digitalising video material
•    Non-sequential video editing with Avid Media Composer
•    DVD composing
•    Editing digital images with Adobe Photoshop
•    Audio editing
•    Integrating AV material into multimedia systems

In addition to its primary use for teaching purposes, the lab is also used to produce e-learning material and audio-visual documentation of departmental and interdepartmental activities. Lastly, the MentorInnenNetzwerk provides opportunities for students from schools in the region to gain initial experience of working with digital video material.

Building 46 (E), Room 012

Scientific direction

Jan-Torsten Milde

Prof. Dr.

Jan-Torsten Milde

Media IT and Web Technologies

Building 41, Room 105
Prof. Dr. Jan-Torsten Milde +49 661 9640-332
Consultation hours
During the semester break arrange appointment via email.

Scientific assistant

Stefan Böhm

Stefan Böhm

Laboratory Engineer

Building 46, Room 106
Stefan Böhm +49 661 9640-310
Consultation hours
Please make an appointment.