Business IT Lab

The Business IT lab combines several labs in one:

•    Database laboratory
•    Middleware laboratory
•    Project laboratory

Students are presented with a multifunctional environment in the form of high-performance client computers and a range of servers for special tasks. Various inter-university cooperations such as the Oracle Academic Initiative, the IBM Scholars Program or the SAP University Alliances Program ensure up-to-date and future-fit training.


  • 22 Clients FSC Celsius W360 iQ35, Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4 GB RAM, two SATA II 500GB Hard Drives, network adapter, 22-inch-Screen
  • 2 FSC TX-200
  • 2 FSC RX-300
  • Sun Fire V445
  • Printer HP LaserJet P4515X
  • Data Projector PT-LB60, Board, Soundsystem, Overhead-Projector

Building 51 (G), Room 203

Scientific direction

Peter Peinl

Prof. Dr.

Peter Peinl

Databases and Information Retrieval

Building 43, Room 109
Prof. Dr. Peter Peinl +49 661 9640-381
Consultation hours
During the semester break arrange appointment via email.

Scientific assistant

Christian Pape

Christian Pape

Laboratory Engineer

Building 51, Room 202
Christian Pape +49 661 9640-379
Consultation hours
Please make an appointment.