Business IT Lab

The Business IT lab combines several labs in one:

•    Database laboratory
•    Middleware laboratory
•    Project laboratory

Students are presented with a multifunctional environment in the form of high-performance client computers and a range of servers for special tasks. Various inter-university cooperations such as the Oracle Academic Initiative, the IBM Scholars Program or the SAP University Alliances Program ensure up-to-date and future-fit training.


  • 22 Clients FSC Celsius W360 iQ35, Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4 GB RAM, two SATA II 500GB Hard Drives, network adapter, 22-inch-Screen
  • 2 FSC TX-200
  • 2 FSC RX-300
  • Sun Fire V445
  • Printer HP LaserJet P4515X
  • Data Projector PT-LB60, Board, Soundsystem, Overhead-Projector

Building 51 (G), Room 203

Scientific direction

Peter Peinl

Prof. Dr.

Peter Peinl

Databases and Information Retrieval

Building 43, Room 109
Prof. Dr. Peter Peinl +49 661 9640-381
Consultation hours
During the semester break arrange appointment via email. Please make an appointment and describe your concern.

Scientific assistant

Christian Pape

Christian Pape

Laboratory Engineer

Building 51, Room 202
Christian Pape +49 661 9640-379
Consultation hours
Please make an appointment.