Welcome to the RobLab and Unimatrix Robotik AG website. RobLab is part of the Department of Applied Computer Science at Fulda University. The website contains information about the laboratory and the courses in robotics. It is also where Unimatrix Robotik AG presents its projects and events in which the company is involved.

Unimatrix Robotik AG was established at Fulda University of Applied Sciences in 2000 to enable football robots to be built for the Robocup Small-Size League and to put together a team to take part in the national and international competitions.
Since then, the company’s area of work has expanded considerably. The work on small-size league robots was expanded by the development of a simulation environment to test strategies in robot football. This was later followed by Robosapien and Kondo-type humanoid robots, both of which were equipped with were specially developed and further developed control hardware. As projects used to provide support material for lectures (Bachelor’s project, soft computing), an autonomously manoeuvring truck and a forklift truck that worked autonomously in a high rack system (both on a scale of 1:6) as well as a fully automatic sweeper were developed.

Diplom (first degree) and Bachelor’s theses can also be written in the Unimatrix Robotik AG context. In that context, for example, humanoid robots have been further developed, a tracked vehicle with GPS steering, automatic homing and obstacle avoidance has been built, and an autonomous vehicle with a robotic arm that can trace and sort components according to their shape and colour has been developed. In 2013 and 2014 final theses were also written on the Multicopter, RobLabXplorer and Hexapod projects, all of which dealt with autonomous navigation.
Apart from the regular further development of existing items, Unimatrix Robotik AG is repeatedly involved in testing new sensor systems and assessing the results (e.g. 3D laser scanners). Testing new robots for additional tasks is another recurrent task. That includes, for example, a tracked vehicle that will be used initially as a learning platform for newcomers to robotics but can also be used in the Robocup Rescue League and Elrob competitions.

Furthermore, support and encouragement for young people is not neglected: Unimatrix Robotik AG organises annual summer courses for school students and courses that supplement school-based IT training.
We hope that you will find a great deal to interest you on our website and as we update and add to the information on it regularly, we trust that you will visit it again soon.

Building 34 (LS), Room 002, K 04 - 08

Head of Research

Prof. Dr.

Oleg Taraszow

Künstliche Intelligenz, Operations Research, Robotik, Soft Computing