Our society is increasingly penetrated by information and communication technologies (IT) based on distributed computer networks (ubiquitous computing). The associated omnipresence of the internet calls for answers to a range of different IT security problems (ubiquitous security).

The days when hackers tapped into IT systems simply to prove that they could are long gone. Cyber crime is extremely lucrative and the hackers demonstrate boundless creativity in their attempts to circumvent security measures. Espionage by intelligence services and competitors and terrorist attacks pose further threats to IT infrastructures. IT security concerns us all!

The SecLab in the Department of Applied Computer Science (AI) is where the theoretical knowledge conveyed in the lecture on IT security is put into practice. Using the available test systems, students are free to apply various security concepts, solutions and technologies and thus assess their protective effectiveness (security training).
The laboratory is fitted with various network technology components and VMware makes it possible to simulate attack scenarios and security gaps in a range of applications without endangering the physical computer networks.

The e-learning platform SecLabT also enables remote access to the pool of tests in the SecLab at any time and anywhere via the University network or the internet. This means that students using the internet at home can also determine their own pace of learning in keeping with the state of their knowledge and adjust the technical level to their needs.

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Ulrich Bühler

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Ulrich Bühler

Applied Mathematics, Cryptography, IT Security

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