E-learning platform

The communication and e-learning platform System2Teach helps students and teaching staff to use teaching and learning media. This is where you can find current study schedules, study material, chat rooms, discussion forums, document archives and much more.

Website: www.system2teach.de

Special functions

  • Automatic study schedule generation for students
  • Personal office with an appointment diary as well as management of notes, tasks, favourites and files
  • Evaluation tool to rate courses
  • Automatic email notification of course-related events for students

Registration and login
Before you can access internal department and personal areas (e.g. forums, study schedules), you must complete a registration procedure using your student identification. You need access authorisation from the University before you can register.


Signing up for courses
Students can sign up for courses in the forthcoming semester. This has three effects:

1. Entry in participant list

By signing up for a course in System2Teach, you are automatically added to the lecturer’s participant list. With the help of System2Teach, lecturers can restrict the number of participants, for example to ensure an even distribution of students and equal working conditions if there are several group dates.

2. Automatic generation of study schedules

Students’ study schedules are generated on the basis of course registration. A study schedule generator automatically puts together a schedule from all the courses for which a student has registered. The personalised electronic study schedule can thus be accessed at all times and can also be printed out. This means that only (the latest) data from the electronic schedule of lectures is transferred to study schedules (room changes, for example, are automatically updated).

3. Automatic email notification

Only registered students automatically receive email notifications about courses. If times or rooms change, for example, the professor creates an electronic notification which students receive by email shortly afterwards.


Beate Glaser

Duales Studium/Placement Officer Global Software Development


Beate Glaser

Duales Studium/Placement Officer Global Software Development

+49 661 9640-3012
+49 661 9640-3009
Building 43, Room 111
Consultation hours
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