Computers connect!

The progress made in computer science in recent years with regard to the networking of previously separate areas of life and the worlds of work and scholarship is all set to continue. The strategic importance of the cross-disciplinary subject of computer science will increase in both the business sector and research. The spread of information technology (IT) will also have a growing impact on people’s private lives. Experts and specialists will be needed to see these developments through with confidence and a sense of responsibility.

Our aim in the Department of Applied Computer Science at Fulda University is to turn students into those experts and specialists. That is why we consider it important to place the practical orientation of our study programmes on an equal footing with foundational theory.

This practical orientation is particularly evident in the degree programme in Applied Computer Science. After a broad-based course of study in the basic principles, students can prepare for professional challenges in one of the specialisation areas of Digital Media, Business IT, Embedded Systems or Internet Engineering. In the other three Bachelor’s programmes – in Digital Media, E-Health and Business IT –students specialise earlier in the programme without missing out on any of the essential foundations.

For students who already have a Bachelor’s degree, we run two Master’s programmes ‒ in Global Software Development and Applied Computer Science (with a specialisation in Integrated Networking, Digital Media (MHCI) or Business IT.

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Merete Hirth

Merete Hirth

Study Programme Coordinator

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