Start of programme Summer Semester 2020

Information for new students

Welcome to the Department of Applied Computer Science at Fulda University of Applied Sciences! This is where you will find information for all students beginning their study programmes in the  summer semester 2020.

Getting started

A warm welcome awaits you at our information and induction events on Monday, 20th April 2020. These events are designed to give you very important information about your studies and to help you find your way around the University and the Department of Applied Computer Science. Staff and students from the Department will give you helpful tips and advice to make it easier for you to get started.

Compile your timetable

REGARD: You may already compile your timetable from the period from 
16th to 22th March 2020, 23.59 pm. Afterwards your personal timetable will be build.

Please register for the modules in this period to get your desired date!

Please note:

  • the modules of the timetable are arranged by  group priority, in other words students choose their desired dates via group priority
  • The timetable will be automatically build on 23th Marc 2020. From 30th March 2020, 10 am the students can register for vacant modules. Here the principle "first come first serve" applies.

A detailed description on the information system "horstl" and how to compile your timetable is shown in several videos: How to use horstl & how to enrol for modules (look at all videos inside the right row on youtube).

Study programme and datesPlaceTime
Monday, 20th April 2020
MSc Global Software Development
Welcome and introduction into your study programme
51.1039.15 - 11.20 am
Tuesday, 21th April 2020
MSc Applied Computer Science
Welcome and introduction into your study programme
will be announced
20th April 2020  
Start of lecturesPlease see
(Login: fd number and password)
April 2020
Personal consultation for all applicants who get admission to advanced semesters (please get in contact by email or telephone with Ms. Hirth, Mrs. Kremer or Ms. Wiegand  

The information events include:

  • Speech by the dean and introduction of professors and staff
  • Introduction to the study programme, modules and Examination Regulations
  • Meeting with the department infrastructure (campustour, labs, software, open questions)
  • Distribution of Department bags including information material in digital and written form
  • Open round of questions about the study programme


MSc ACS - Master of Science Applied Computer Science
MSc GSD - Master of Science Global Software Development

Study Programme Coordinator BSc DM and MSc GSD

Merete Hirth

Study Programme Coordinator

Building 43 , Room 102
Merete Hirth+49 661 9640-343
Consultation hours
Currently no appointments possible. Contact only via e-mail /phone.

Study Programme Coordinator BSc ACS and MSc ACS

Birgit Kremer

Study Programme Coordinator

Building 43 , Room 102
Birgit Kremer+49 661 9640-3035
Consultation hours
Mon 3 - 4 pm Wed 11 - 12 am open office, registration is not required, appointments out of the office hours by email or phone.