Your Studies

Information for students in the Department of Business

Do you have questions about your studies? We have put together some important information for you on these pages. Further information can be found on our e-learning platform, eFBW.

If you have questions about courses or exams, your job as a student assistant, your semester abroad or internship, or a double degree, the following people are available to help you:

If you have questions about examination issues or organisational matters, you will find answers here. Otherwise, the staff at the Student Service Center who are responsible for the Department of Business will be pleased to help.

You need specific advice about your studies? The Dean of Studies and the directors of the different study programmes are the people to contact. For more general advice, you can also contact the Central Student Advisory Office.

Dean of studies

Prof. Dr.

Joanna Ozga

Dean of Studies

International Management

Building 30 , Room 201
Prof. Dr.Joanna Ozga+49 661 9640-2558
Consultation hours
See eFBW

Study Coordinator

Viktoria Kempf

Study Coordinator

Building 30 , Room 101
Viktoria Kempf+49 661 9640-2813
Consultation hours
by appointment per mail

Study service center

Jasmin Müller

Jasmin Müller


Building 10 , Room 101
Jasmin Müller+49 661 9640-1405
Consultation hours
Sprechzeiten folgen

Student Monitoring and Coaching

Nicole Gies

Project member Student Monitoring and Coaching for Students

Building 31 , Room 003
Nicole Gies+49 661 9640-2899
Consultation hours
Tuesdays to Fridays by appointment

Central Student Advisory Service

Tim Feldermann

Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

Student advisory service • Advisory service for people with professional qualifications

Building 10 , Room 214
Tim Feldermann+49 661 9640-1432
Consultation hours
Without registration: Tue and Wed 9.30 am – 11.30 am, With registration: Thu 9.30 am – 3 pm
Office hours
Mon to Thu 9 am – 12 pm and 2 pm – 3 pm, Fri 8.30 am – 12 pm