Audit Committee

Tasks of the Audit Committee

The examination board at the Faculty of Economics has the following tasks:

  • Setting the examination dates for the examinations and their announcement
  • Appointment of examiners and assessors (examination boards)
  • Deciding on admission to examinations
  • Decision on the admission of examinations in the answer-choice procedure
  • Decisions in cases of tardiness in and withdrawal from examinations
  • Decisions in cases where the time limit for repeat examinations is exceeded (one-year time limit)
  • Decision in cases of compensation for disadvantages (see here)
  • Review and decision on exclusion from further examination performance after cheating
  • Decision on exmatriculation in the case of multiple or serious attempts at cheating
  • Recognition of study and examination achievements from other colleges and universities for the respective degree programme at the School of Business and Economics
  • Decision on the suspension of the completion of a final paper
  • Decisions on student appeals against the examination procedure and against examination decisions
  • Suggestions for reforming the study and examination regulations

The examination board provides students with information, e.g. on questions regarding examinations and recognition of achievements.
Consultation takes place during the office hours of the chairperson.


Members of the Audit Committee

The members of the Audit Commitee  are:

  • Prof. Dr. Joanna Ozga (Chairperson)
  • Prof. Dr. Fridtjof Kopp (member of the professorial body)
  • Jo Yasumura (student representative)


  • Prof. Dr. Natascha Ahmad(deputy member of the professorship)
  • Prof. Dr. Kai-Oliver Maurer (deputy member of the professorship)
  • Marinela Galesic (deputy student representative)

Please address all enquiries to the Audit Comitee

  • by e-mail to:
  •  or in writing to:
     Prof. Dr. Joanna Ozga
     Examination Board
     Department of Business
     Leipzigerstr. 123
     36037 Fulda


Prof. Dr.

Joanna Ozga

Dean of Studies

International Management

Building 30 , Room 201
Prof. Dr.Joanna Ozga+49 661 9640-2558
Consultation hours
See eFBW


Prof. Dr.

Fridtjof Kopp

Civil law, commercial and corporate law, banking law

Building 30 , Room 121
Prof. Dr.Fridtjof Kopp+49 661 9640-2553
Consultation hours
See eFBW